quinta-feira, setembro 1

Patrice - You always You

Eh pah... encontrei um som que não conhecia... algo maravilhoso que queria partilhar convosco e por a passar na página... infelizmente não encontro o mp3 online por isso deixo só a letra! Saquem se gostarem!

You always you Patrice
When I look into your eyes
I can feel the sun come rise
it seems like you give me the things I i hane been missing in my life, the things I give up for search cause I thought things i`m not going to find, but how could I find when there`s no light in my nights,
I´m Saying how could I find when there`re just clouds and no sunshine
you fill me up with joy and every moment`s a surprise
you set me free from Babylon, you make me leave this place for miles
you´re no illusion, so no you are the truth,
never forget
It´s you always you, you always you, you always you,
na na na na na na na yeah, mhhh It>`s you always you my sweet dream

yes you are my earth and you make me give birth to melodies and thoughtsenliven by your love I am a global villager but you give me home
wherever I may wander wherever I may roam
while I write this ya song the world around me dissapears
I dip into my thoughts and I say this ya noiseless praier
lord of lors and king of kings, say ...

conquering lion, Jah Jah almighty one who arts in the mount Zion
I beg you: guide and protect the woman me calls queen of queens and dream of dreams as an reflection of Patrice.
You`re right the words district the sense but I think you know what I mean,
I mean what I really mean, when I call you my sweet dream..
na na na na na na na yeah mhhh it`s you always you my sweet dream...
Espero que gostem...

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